Privacy Act

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

a.  Current employees -
    Laboratory medical, payroll, and other personnel records are the property of the above-identified Management and Operating prime contractors under their terms of their contracts with DOE. Employees should contact their respective laboratories for such records.
b.  Former employees -
    For laboratory medical and payroll records, employees should contact their respective laboratories.
c.  Current or former subcontractor employees -
    subcontractor employees should contact their employers for all other records, e.g., payroll.
d.  Visitors to the laboratories -


Security records for current and former Laboratory employees and cleared current and former subcontractor employees are under the cognizance of DOE's Oak Ridge Office. Requests for these records should be forwarded:
        Amy Rothrock
        FOIA/Privacy Act Officer
        U.S. Department of Energy
        Oak Ridge Office
        P.O. Box 2001
        200 Administration Road
        Oak Ridge, TN 37831
        Tel: (865) 576-1216 or
        1-800-382-6938, option 7 (toll-free)
        Fax: (865) 576-1556

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